Hearten Behavioral Health

Debra S MacLean, PMHNP-BC
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Child & Adolescent

Children and adolescents with untreated symptoms of anxiety, inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and subsequent mood and behavioral dysregulation can struggle academically, socially, and emotionally. A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation with a child-centered, family-driven, strength-based approach to treatment can help to facilitate resiliency and optimal functioning across their domains. 

Young Adult

Young adulthood is an exciting time filled with major transitions as an individual plans and pursues their life goals. While these years are often greatly anticipated, the stressors of learning independence, managing college expectations and, oftentimes, leaving their closest support system can trigger significant symptoms of anxiety and depression. Sometimes long-standing symptoms of anxiety, depression, inattention, and mood instability can be more difficult to manage during these major transitions, impairing academic, social, occupational functioning and general feelings of well-being. Appropriate treatment can mitigate these symptoms and facilitate recovery and resiliency. 

Collaborative Care Consultation

We are committed to supporting medical colleagues treating complex behavioral health symptoms in their primary care offices. Our Creative Collaborative Care package is personalized, comprehensive, and was designed to meet CMS criteria for billing psychiatric consultation under the Collaborative Care Model (CoCM). A core feature is timely and effective communication using innovative HIPAA compliant technology. We also offer consultation services to schools, community-based child and adolescent recreational programs, daycare centers, juvenile justice, state child and family serving agencies, and faith-based child and family programs.


Telepsychiatry is an option that can offer convenience and access to treatment for those individuals for whom attending regularly scheduled in-person visits may be difficult and for whom tele-visits may be safe and effective. Telepsychiatry services are available to patients residing in some states.

Practice Philosophy

It is my tenet that we are spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional beings created to be in meaningful relationships. Accordingly, I embrace a holistic, integrated, strengths-based, family-driven approach to promoting wellness. This translates into comprehensive diagnostic assessment identifying areas of challenge, but more importantly identifying areas of strength and inherent protective factors.

About Us

I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Salem State College and a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Florida. I am certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I have ten years of experience treating children, adolescents, and young adults with behavioral health symptoms. I have worked in community mental health, private practice, and inpatient settings. Additionally, I have provided professional consultation and training to organizations serving child and adolescent behavioral health needs. 

Treating children, adolescents, and young adults with:




Autism Spectrum Disorder




Life/College adjustments

Mood dysregulation

Behavioral dysregulation

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