Family Support

Having a child or teenager with a social or behavioral challenge can be a very isolating experience for the family as well as the individual. We are striving to fill this gap with our virtual community subscriptions: Parent Connections and The Social Spot. Both are a time to connect, laugh, learn, and be heartened. 

Both virtual communities are offered through a monthly subscription and participants may attend as many meetings as they would like each month for a flat fee. Typically, meetings are offered 1-3 times per week and the schedule is released monthly. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member of either virtual community. 

*Please note, virtual communities are separate from clinical services. Clinical services are only offered in those states in which the clinician is licensed. If you are interested in clinical services, please contact the office to determine if this may be a possibility.*

Parent Connections:

This is our virtual community where parents and caretakers can share hope and strategies to "make life work" -- and even be enjoyable. Strategies and ideas that we explore may be related to behavioral management at home, advocacy tips for appropriate/modified services, or ideas to incorporate help and support into a very full schedule. Parents and caretakers of children with behavioral and learning challenges are a driven, motivated, and resourceful bunch! Sharing ideas that have been helpful, current stressors and, most importantly, sharing successes can bring peace and joy to our days. There is comfort in knowing that others understand and share our walk. 

The Social Spot

Teenagers who tend to be shy and socially self-conscious often experience isolation, which can lead to low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. This can further inhibit their ability to seek social interactions and form meaningful relationships. The Social Spot is a relaxed, supportive, semi-structured atmosphere where teens can observe others and "test drive" their emerging social strategies in real life context. We laugh, chat, play games, and have fun!


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